March 21, I had a hysterectomy and I weighed 165 the day of surgery. For the last 17 years I had not changed my daily eating habits and the weight stayed right there until after surgery. I could not stop the scale from going up and up. During this time, I tried protein shakes diets also low carb/high protein diets and then not eating at all. Nothing worked till I came to Express in Feb 2022 when I got on the scale and saw the terrifying number of 216. I had gained 51 pounds in less than a year.

I have never used Express’ daily injections (quick weight loss program) but was very excited to try it. I swore to myself I was going to follow it exactly as I was instructed to do. So no sugar, oil and absolutely no coffee creamer. Coffee creamer was a must in my book at that point.  My first 2 days of injections I ate sushi, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I ate popcorn and chicken nuggets (the injections take two days to get into your system, so some indulging before beginning the diet on day 3)

Day 1 I woke up and looked into the mirror not liking the way that my body was lumpy and I had been forced to get larger clothes. At first, I did not think that I could do the calorie restricted diet, but I was determined. I got on the scale the next day and was down 2lbs the following day another 2lbs. This continued for 3 weeks, the scale just kept going down and down, in less than a month I dropped 27lbs, then it stopped. I could not figure out why the only thing I had changed was I started to take my prescription B12 that my doctor instructed me to take due to my anemia. That little tiny sublingual pill caused me to stall on my weight loss due to sugar that is in it. I then switched to Express’ B12 injections and my weight loss started back again. During this month of my program, I ate the egg beaters for breakfast and grapes. Lunch was either cottage cheese mixed with dill, onion, made my own ranch dip, and I ate a lot of celery, Dinner was always a meal at home with my family and I would make them food and I would just make a small change to what I was already cooking so that it was program compliant. One meal I made was taco soup and for the family it was all the stuff you put on tacos, For me it was turkey meat with taco seasonings, onions and peppers. It was not difficult to make tasty foods and I always had a great variety. At first I was very hungry so I started to drink more water. Before this I hated it and even my friends and family teased me because if they handed me a bottle of water I would say “Are you trying to kill me, my body doesn’t know what to do with that”. After a week I was drinking 190 oz daily which was too much so I then started to drink a little more tea. At the end of June, 2022, I had lost all that I had gained and could not get off on my own. I am now down 59lbs and I am looking into reconstructive surgery finally for my now 225-pound total weight loss. Up til now I never thought that I was ever going to find something that would just melt the weight off. 


I am beyond excited to share some news I found out today; The reason that the Express Weight Loss program and LipoPlus injections may be making a significant difference in my physical and MENTAL health.

I was doing research about natural remedies for depression as I struggle with bouts of it and have friends and family that do as well.  I haven’t really had many bouts since starting the program and chalked a lot of that up to the fact that I am happy because I am losing so much weight and people are complimenting me on it!  I came a very interesting article about natural depression treatment.

Natural Cure For Depression

What I immediately noted was the recommended usage of Inositol (Vitamin B8) and Choline (Vitamin B4) and how both are listed herbal supplements for, among many other things, preventing fatty build up in the liver but also battling depression and anxiety!!!  I haven’t had any bouts of depression because both of these natural supplements are found in the LipoPlus injections!!!  The only weeks I have struggled with emotional eating on this plan are those where I have not been able to make it into the clinic for my injection!

I go in for my weigh in tomorrow and I am hoping that this week was successfully back on track and will take me to a 30 lb weight loss so far!  I was at 211 last week.  Shooting for 200 or less by the end of July!