How it works…

Step 1 Medical Tests
We take a comprehensive 30 marker  blood panel, an EKG, blood pressure, urinalysis, body fat analysis, and your personal medical history.

Step 2 See our Board Certified Practitioner
During a 30 minute visit, our NP will review your test results and medical history, then prescribe a personalized weight loss program, which includes appetite suppression medication, Semaglutide, injections or our homeopathic Suppressscaps.

Step 3 Pick-up Medication/Supplements
Prescribed medication is dispensed from our on-site pharmacy, along with any recommended nutritional products and supplements.

Step 4 Get our LipoPlus Injection
Our Lipotropic injections will help you lose weight faster while providing B-vitamins to supplement your diet while providing energy. Other injections are available depending on your need.

Step 5 See our Dietitian
Not mandatory, but highly recommended. A one-on-one meeting with our dietitian is included in the program. They will go over your weight loss program prescribed by the practitioner and modify it to best suit your lifestyle. We know that if the diet doesn’t fit quite right, you won’t follow it. If you don’t follow it, you won’t be as successful.

Step 6 Weekly Visits
Not mandatory, but we want to see you! Our practitioner will continuously monitor your program, change prescriptions if required, offer injections, and modify your program until success is reached.