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Client Testimonials

Read success stories of people who have lost weight and improved their health through Express’ programs and services. They provides practical tips, advice, and guidance to help readers achieve their weight loss goals.

I lost 47 pounds in 3 months!

In August, I weighed 285 pounds and not feeling healthy or confident about how I looked. I knew I wanted to lose weight, but I was not sure on what the best way to do it was. After doing extensive research on weight loss clinics and programs, I came across Express which is only 7-10 minutes away from my home. I originally spoke with Nichole and from the first time I spoke to her to even now she has always been a delight to speak to. When finding out what the express programs consisted of, I chose one. I set a goal to lose 60 pounds and after 3 months, I have lost 47 pounds and wear a jeans size I haven’t worn since middle school. Other than disciplining myself on eating healthy, Nichole and the rest of the Express Weight Loss staff are down to earth, supportive, accommodating, and willing to go to any length to make sure you feel happy. I have not been this happy and confident in 10 plus years and Express Weight Loss is the sole reason for this. The prices are also very reasonable for what programs they offer. I signed up for one last month because I know I’m confident I can make my goal weight thanks to Express Weight Loss.
Wade, Clarkston, MI

It worked for me!

I’ve been able to lose weight while eating what the rest of my family eats by portion control and increasing my activity. It worked for me and will work for you too!
Sue, Ortonville, MI

I lost 17.4 pounds in 3 wks on the On-The-Go program!

I love the Staff! They are very friendly, professional, and supportive. I have been on the 10/14 plan and have lost 17.4 lbs. in three weeks! I am so happy with my success. My B12 complex injections give me more energy and I am sleeping much better. I feel amazing!
Teresa, Holly, MI

Consistent weekly weight loss!

I have had a pleasant experience at my appointments. The staff is very professional; yet very friendly and helpful. I liked the fact that they do a complete blood work-up before you start. I am experiencing a 1-2 lbs. weight loss each week!
Debbie, Waterford, MI

Very professional staff!

Very professional, great support, no hype or meal purchase plans. I am losing weight and able to stay on the smaller meal portion plan.
Denise, Waterford, MI

Success at Express!

I have been a client/patient with Express Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic for almost a month now and I wanted to share my success with everyone. I have lost 6 pounds in just over 2 weeks. I am amazed that the food supplements satisfy my sweet tooth and still provide me with the protein I need. I found the staff to be warm and welcoming and always willing to answer my questions and give me the support I need. They take the time to fully explain the program and educate you on all areas of nutrition. I am so pleased that I have joined them in an effort to keep myself healthy and on track for an active lifestyle. THANK YOU!!
Joy, Waterford, MI

This Program is Terrific!

This program is terrific! A big plus is they do initial testing that way if you have any underlining health problems they can be addressed. The staff is very friendly and supportive. I don’t feel like I’m being pressured to buy products at each visit or that the staff is just trying to sell sell sell like a lot of weight loss clinics. Everything was explained to me in detail and I wasn’t just told a dollar amount that ended up changing when I checked out. I am feeling wonderful and so happy that I joined the program! I highly recommend Express Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic.
Rachel, Clarkston, MI 6/23/14 yelp
Rachel, Clarkston, MI

Great Program!

Great program and great staff. It’s the whole package from weight loss to management after and all the support in between. I’ve tried other programs like this but none of them have the added features of a nutritionist and nurse practitioner that meet one on one to develop a tailored program just for me. Plus they follow up with phone calls and encouragement. I highly recommend it!
Kristy, Clarkson, MI