Common reasons women want to lose weight

Our programs are designed specifically for women, who are the majority of our clients.
We have different reasons to lose weight, all are important!

Knock-Down Hurdles

Our standard programs for women include necessary testing (blood work, EKG, urine analysis, body fat analysis) and a visit with our practitioners to go over your results. She’ll determine if there is an underlying medical reason for your weight gain. Weight loss hurdles are more than simply your mindset, high glucose, thyroid or Metabolic Syndrome are just a few of the conditions that may be plaguing your weight loss effort.  We will create a custom diet and can dispense the proper mediations to bring all levels to a healthier range.  Defining then taking down all hurdles is essential to your success so our pharmacy is stocked with over 30 types of medications, all related to weight loss. 

We’re a ‘one-stop’ clinic, providing everything you need
for a thinner you. 

  • Persprescription medications
  • Personalized low-calorie meal plans
  • Lipotropic/vitamin B injections
  • Booklet with a selection of food choices, hydration and exercise tips
  • Meal Tracker app
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Protein packages


Program Choices


womantiredWeight Gain and Menopause
Studies show Estrogen helps regulate body weight. After perimenopause ends, postmenopausal estrogen levels can be at 10 percent of what they were during premenopausal years.  With lower estrogen levels after menopause, there is a tendency to eat more and be less physically active. Reduced estrogen may also lower your metabolic rate; the rate at which the body converts stored energy into working energy. You lose muscle mass, which decreases your resting metabolism, making it easier to gain weight. Lack of estrogen may also cause the body to use starches and glucose less effectively (insulin resistance) thus increasing fat storage and making it more difficult to lose weight with age.

women-babyPostpartum Plan
At Express Weight Loss, we understand that your time is limited as a new mother. Our goal is to assist you in dropping that stubborn baby weight through our weight loss programs for women. We provide unique exercise programs and meal plans that help you achieve an overall level of personal fitness and health.

New mothers can participate in our customized weight loss program as early as six weeks after giving birth.