If you’re reading this Plan you have reached your goal weight!
Now your new goal is to maintain!

No matter what plan you were successful with; your next step is maintaining. This can be a difficult and trying time for some and requires a specific focus. Once you lose the weight, it’s not “mission accomplished”. You need to rethink how you’re going to maintain your weight loss. 


This Plan Includes

  • Monthly evaluation with a Nurse Practitioner
  • 12 Lipo Plus injections over 3 months
  • Assistance with weaning off past medications and injections
  • Personalized nutrition 
  • Customized meal plan 
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Calorie and exercise plan
  • Calculation of TDEE, BFA and Measurements
  • Once a week check in with a weight loss specialist

Express’ Maintenance plan gets you thinking like a winner and helps to remind you to stay vigilant with your new spirit, mind and body. It maintains your current body composition. There may be a slight weight change due to water retention or release, but at the end of the day, maintenance is the best way to preserve your hard earned results and set you up for success with future goals. In addition the maintenance plan can give your body the break it needs.