Part of the fun in losing weight is literally shrinking in size.  When I began my journey originally at my heaviest of 258.0 lbs, I was still squeezing into size 18 jeans.  I finally bought some 20W pants last year when I needed to have some professional outfits for a week long seminar.  They were snug. So to say I was in denial is putting it mildly.

My sister began her weight loss journey last week using her own methods.  She posted her starting weight and pants size on social media.  She’s shorter than me, weighs about 10 pounds more than me but was wearing a size 16. This made me start to wonder what size I was down to.  My 18’s were getting lose and my belt has at least a 2″ gap on it’s last hole.

Fortunately, as I grew thru the years, I held onto some clothes.  So I pulled out all my 16’s and Large tops and guess what?  THEY FIT!

June 11 2015 Size 16 skinny jeans

In my size 16 skinny jeans!

So excited!  So I pulled them all out of storage and bagged up all my 18-20W and gave them to the girls at work.  It was an exhilarating feeling!  I don’t plan to EVER go back up in size, so there is no need to hold onto those clothes.  I recommend this to everyone, it’s very liberating and has me excited to see if I can get down to a 14 in the next week or so!  My ultimate goal is to get to a 12 and my dream would be a size 10.  I have a pair of acid washed, high waist Calvin Klein jeans from high school just waiting to be able to fit back into!!!  Good thing that look is coming back into style!  LOL!

I have a pair of dark rinse denim pants that I bought as incentive on a last diet attempt.  They are a slim 14.  They are my next goal!  I’ll post pictures when I get in them.   Mom also mentioned that she was getting rid of a bag full of nearly new size 12 & 10 pants now, so I have a whole new wardrobe waiting when I get there!  Yay!