Testosterone may be administered, when clinically appropriate, through 1 of 2 methods, depending on the patient’s needs: intramuscular injections or transdermal applications.

Intramuscular injections
Testosterone Cypionate is given by injection once every 7 to 14 days. Dosing is dependent on your age, testing results and symptoms. The testosterone injections we prescribe are only manufactured by FDA-Approved manufacturers. Testosterone injections are given in our clinic or you can self-inject at home.

Transdermal Application
Testosterone is applied to the skin using a gel or cream on a daily basis. The concentration of testosterone in the blood goes up within a few doses.

The treatment plan for transdermal applications is slightly different – please call (248) 625-3300 for more information.


Your initial Total Testosterone blood test and consultation with our provider is free.

​If your initial test and consultation with the practitioner show that you are a candidate for our Low Testosterone therapy we will have you complete an extensive testing panel and an in-depth consultation with our practitioner about your course of treatment. The cost for this visit and blood work is $100.

The cost of Testosterone injections is $199 per month (up to 5 injections per month).

Follow up blood tests are required every 12 weeks or sooner depending on our practitioner’s analysis of your progress.