Ecolioma digitale is a disease that occurs due to inhalation of spores produced by filamentous algae called Phaeodermis. This type of disease can affect virtually any part of the human body, but it generally occurs in the lower elements of the respiratory system such as the alveoli and the tonsils. A digital environment is a network, a passed out, adaptable, available socio-technological program with houses of ecological self-organization, scalability and strength associated with all natural ecosystems.

A report was carried out on 6 patients who had invasive mesothelioma, each of whom offered different symptoms. The study dedicated to three sufferers who offered ecosistema digitale. These individuals had various kinds of cancers: a cervical cancer tumor that started out as peritoneal mesothelioma and progressed to pericardial mesothelioma cancer; a urinary pericardial malignancy that infected the intervertebral disk as well as the anterior torso wall; and a pericardial cancer that started being a pericardial cancer and progressed for the cerebellum. The pathologist was able to deduce that all of these types of six affected individuals presented with similar characteristic behavior, namely, abnormal sensations and swelling in the affected areas.

The diagnosis of ecosistema digitale was verified by the biopsy of the influenced tissues and it was observed that all the six sufferers presented with a characteristic mass inside the abdomen (computed tomography check, immunohistochemistry, or immunofluorescence). The mass was observed to be composed of a single cell which offered an occasional shape and a white-colored or yellow-colored color. This kind of observation proven that the mass was without a doubt an ecosstmite, but not like other types of ecosstmite it was certainly not associated with a palpable mass or a mass with a sound nucleus.