I had my first weigh in this morning and I am over the moon to announce that I went from 237.2 pounds to 230.8 pound and permanently deleted 6.8 pounds!!! That’s in 6 days! YES! I feel like I am finally on track! I was so excited to weigh in because I stayed on the program and I did a lot of activity this week too (I swear I wasn’t a gym rat for the whole week though… I spent all of Saturday in my pajamas lounging around the house watching movies and relaxing! Cue Bridget Jones)

So I think what made this a successful week was several things. First, I stuck to the meal plan set out by Express Weight Loss & Wellness. Second, I tracked every meal on My Fitness Pal and showed them to Nichole this morning and we discussed a few alternatives if I get tired of the meals I am eating. Third, I chugged at least 100 ounces of water or more every day. I made a game of it and found that a smoothie cup with a lid and straw worked better for me that a water bottle. I also put two slices of lemon in there every morning, just to give the water some flavor. Lastly, I made getting active a priority. I even went outside my comfort zone and gave a new Pilates and yoga class a try at Nafas Fitness Studio.


The only challenge I think I honestly had was that I felt like I was eating ALL THE TIME! I am not used to putting 2 snacks into my day, so I started setting an alarm reminder on my cell phone for every three hours to plan out my meals and snacks for the day. Well, OK, to be honest, I visited the bathroom a whole heck of a lot more too! LOL! First time I ever actually thought about getting up in the middle of Sunday Service to go to the bathroom!

This week I am going to keep on doing what I was doing, but add to it the fact that I want 12,000 steps on that Fitbit everyday. Now that the weather is nicer, this will be easy because I love walking around downtown Royal Oak when the weather is nice.

Here’s me… 6.8 pounds Gone… 65.8 pounds left to die!  Can we have a fat funeral when I reach goal? Have a great week!

Me 4.29.15