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Depression and the Emotional Eater

Pasta Lips

I am beyond excited to share some news I found out today.  The reason that the Express Weight Loss program and Lipto Plus injections may be making a significant difference in my physical and MENTAL health.

I was doing research about natural remedies for depression as I struggle with bouts of it and have friends and family that do as well.  I haven’t really had many bouts since starting the program and chalked a lot of that up to the fact that […]

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Part of the fun in losing weight is literally shrinking in size.  When I began my journey originally at my heaviest of 258.0 lbs, I was still squeezing into size 18 jeans.  I finally bought some 20W pants last year when I needed to have some professional outfits for a week long seminar.  They were snug. So to say I was in denial is putting it mildly.

My sister began her weight loss journey last week using her own methods.  She posted her starting weight and pants size on social media.  She’s shorter than me, weighs about 10 […]

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Holiday Weekends and Straying from My Path

I don’t know about you, but holidays have always posed a challenge for me when it comes to eating healthy.  Aren’t holidays for indulging in favorite food treats like BBQ, Ice Cream and Adult Beverages?  Makes a girl go crazy!  I haven’t been in to the clinic to weigh in yet this week, but according to my scale I am at 216.0 this morning which is 4 lbs less than my last weigh in.  That’s good news because I for sure did not stick to plan this past Memorial Day Weekend.

Which brings me to todays thought.  […]

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Mini meals and mini goals

Hey everyone! I am floating on cloud 9 this week after a fantastic weigh in. I am down to 220.4! That’s 17 pounds gone in 22 days! I couldn’t be happier and more motivated!

I was out of commission last week due to a very nasty throat infection. I could barely eat for 3 days (the doctor joked he was going to bottle whatever bacteria it was that caused it and sell it as a diet aid.) but once I was well, I was worried any weight loss would be lost due to […]

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Get Ready For My Fat Funeral!


I had my first weigh in this morning and I am over the moon to announce that I went from 237.2 pounds to 230.8 pound and permanently deleted 6.8 pounds!!! That’s in 6 days! YES! I feel like I am finally on track! I was so excited to weigh in because I stayed on the program and I did a lot of activity this week too (I swear I wasn’t a gym rat for the whole week though… I spent all of Saturday in my pajamas lounging around […]

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Trying something new…


With my favorite Zumba instructor Kaitlyn.

Danz for the Kids, Lansing, April 2015

Hi! My name is Virginia.  I began a new journey in weight loss today. One that I have been apprehensive to take due to the societal view of medically assisted diets. The visions of 1980s and Fenfen spring to mind for most. When did surgical weight loss become more approved of than medically assisted diets? After all, the products used by medical weight loss clinics are FDA approved as opposed […]

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